A Legacy of Excellence in Rome, GA

Meet Our Founder:
Todd Parris

At the heart of Cornerstone Roofing Specialists & Gutters is our Founder and CEO, Todd Parris. A true native of Rome, Georgia, Todd’s roots run deep in this community. Raised in Rome and a graduate of Coosa High School, he pursued higher education at Jacksonville State University, earning a degree in mechanical engineering and architectural design.

Todd’s multifaceted expertise extends beyond academics. With 25 years as a licensed real estate broker, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. However, Todd’s true passion lies in construction, a field he has been actively involved in his entire life. For the past quarter-century, Todd has dedicated himself to building homes, and today, he specializes in roofing, gutters, and leaf guard installations for residential properties in Rome, Georgia, and its nearby areas.

Founder Todd

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A Heritage of Success

Todd’s commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in his family history, which spans 200 years in the Rome, GA, area. His father, mother, and both grandfathers have been successful business owners, creating a legacy that extends over a century. This rich heritage serves as the foundation for Cornerstone Roofing Specialists & Gutters, shaping our commitment to quality, integrity, and community service.

Our Journey Since 1969

Since our establishment in 1969, Cornerstone Roofing Specialists & Gutters have been proud to serve Rome and its neighboring areas. With almost five decades of experience, we have become a trusted name in the region. Fully licensed and insured, we extend our expertise to residential clients, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

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Our Mission:
Customer Satisfaction and Excellence

At Cornerstone Roofing Specialists & Gutters, our mission revolves around customer satisfaction. We approach each project with the seriousness it deserves, delivering top-quality workmanship in every aspect of our services. Our dedication to excellence has set a standard that defines our legacy in the industry, making us a trusted and reliable choice for all your roofing and gutter needs.

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